Following the White Rabbit since 1702
I joke of course. Or am I?

In this space, I share my thoughts, experiments insights, and inspiration on this crazy journey we call life on earth. It amazes me, it inspires me, it terrifies me, it thrills me and it never ceases to surprise me – sometimes all at once. If you relate, if you resonate, that is beautiful. Send me a note, post me a word or two if you feel the need. If you don’t, feel free to just read.

Who am I, you did (or didn’t) ask?
Well, I am asking: who are you? Do you know? I am much like that, same but different.
I am one, I am many – sometimes I like dramatic phrases. 😉 Maybe I am that person you passed in the street earlier. I have many roles, ever transitioning, ever growing – much like you, much like all of us, with all the different aspects of our lives. Creative chaos in search of clarity. I am that Peter-Pan kid in a grown up body, giggling at the thought of being considered “grown up”. Forever the learner, sometimes not the fastest learner, but I am doing what I can. I am passionate about evolving and growing, on fire for positive developments, as challenging as they can be at times.

That’s all I know. Time to go, time to grow.

And with that unintentionally rhymed pun, I shall excuse myself. I left the kettle on, tea is almost ready and the mountain bike is waiting. Also, the White Rabbit looks like he’s up to something, wouldn’t want to miss that.

I am tipping my top hat, dear friends and folks. May the Force and the flow be with you.