Steven Kotler: The Rise of Superman – Book Recommendation

Interested in Flow and maximized human performance? Here’s a book recommendation for you. I just finished listening to the audiobook version of Steven Kotler’s book “The Rise of Superman”.

Even though I have previously not been in touch with action and adventure sports, listening to this book was gripping from the beginning to the end. The scientific side of flow states was completely new to me and it was fascinating to learn what is actually going on in the brain when athletes are in state. Also, all the stories of action and adventure sports athletes, make you realize how much potential actually resides within humans – and how little we are using.  I probably won’t get started doing rock climbing now, but the ideas are transferable: cultivate focused states, learn to access flow, give it your all. 

I would have enjoyed to have more elaborate chapters on applying techniques for flow states in everyday life. Some hints and flow trigger ideas were in the book, but the focus was more on the stories of athletes and the science behind them – fascinating nonetheless. What I also enjoyed was hearing about the “dark side of flow”, a topic that I believe is usually not mentioned when talking about this positive altered state.

The book was a huge inspiration for me. I will in fact listen to it a second time (and perhaps update this post with new insights when I have done so).

If you want to get an idea what the book and also the author are all about, I can recommend an episode of the Mindvalley podcast, where Steven Kotler is Interviewed.

Image Source: Audible Screenshot

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